The Cambodia Institute of Banking (CIB) has been set up by The Association of Banks in Cambodia (ABC), with the assistance from the Mekong Private Sector Development Facility (MPDF), the Asian Development Bank, and the ASEAN Bankers’ Association in January 2004. CIB provides international standard but locally affordable training for ABC and CMA (Cambodia Microfinance Association) ’s members, who comprise of Cambodia’s commercial banks, specialized banks, and microfinance institutions. In 2016, to face new challenges and development in our industry, The Institute of Banking & Finance Cambodia has been set up.

Our Mission

The institute aims to offer to the financial services community, reliable and high-quality resources for professionals and management development on both a local and national scale. Its mission is to contribute to the progress of the training and learning development of executives and professionals, through a series of co-ordinated and tailored programs.

Moreover, ABC and The Institute are actively involved in the management of the Development Fund (DF) dedicated to the banking sector. This is a vital milestone for the ongoing capacity building of the 40,000+ bankers in the industry. The DF is to encourage knowledge development by offering quality and subsidized certified programs, and by providing funds to finance needs for human capital in the sector, and also for other key banking industry initiatives (e.g.: Financial Literacy, Research, Survey, Banking Infrastructure Systems, Scholarships, ..)